‘Decades’ Blogathon – The Final List!

Decades Blogathon Banner

That’s it! The final spots have been filled and we now have the roll call of the 20 entries for the ‘Decades’ blogathon being hosted by myself and Tom over at Digital Shortbread!

As you can see from the list below, there’s a wide range of entries covering all genres that – I’m delighted to say – go back 100 years. Personally speaking, that’s exactly what I wanted to see when I first thought about doing this blogathon and I’m really looking forward to getting this underway.

Thanks so much to everyone for their interest and sorry to anyone who has missed out on this occasion. There’s always next year when we can possibly run this again and feature movies released in the sixth year of the decade – there are plenty I’d like to see on that list!

So here’s the full list:

1. Movies SilentlyThe Taking Of Luke McVane (1915)
2. Back To The ViewerA Night At The Opera (1935)
3. Defiant SuccessMildred Pierce (1945)
4. Epileptic MoondancerNight Of The Hunter (1955)
5. Tranquil DreamsLady And The Tramp (1955)
6. Movie RobMonty Python And The Holy Grail (1975)
7. It Rains… You Get WetShampoo (1975)
8. Fast Film ReviewsOne Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)
9. Carly Hearts MoviesTommy (1975)
10. Cindy BruchmanBarry Lyndon (1975)
11. Film GrimoireDeep Red (1975)
12. Movie Man JacksonThe Stepford Wives (1975)
13. The IPCJaws (1975)
14. Three Rows Back – Back To The Future (1985)
15. The Cinematic FrontierPee Wee’s Big Adventure (1985)
16. Kaput, AlreadyThe Purple Rose Of Cairo (1985)
17. Ramblings of a CinephileLa Haine (1995)
18. Drew’s Movie ReviewsTommy Boy (1995)
19. Committed to CelluloidCasino (1995)
20. Digital ShortbreadBatman Begins (2005)

Now that we have our list, we’ll be aiming to start the blogathon on Monday, 18 May and will post one review each on our sites (10 on this site and 10 on Digital Shortbread). We’ll make sure to flag up each other’s daily posts to ensure every review on the list gets plenty of exposure.

Thanks again to everyone who’s taking part in what’s sure to be a great blogathon. See you on the 18th!


  1. jameshaseltine · May 10, 2015

    Love it

  2. Carly · May 11, 2015

    Hey there! I’m the girl reviewing Tommy. How exactly is this gonna work? Do I post my review to my own site or do I write it and then send it to you? LMK and I’m excited to do this!

    • Three Rows Back · May 11, 2015

      Hi Carly. If you can email the review to myself and Tom that would be great. We will run it on our sites as part of the blogathon and then you’re free to run it on your site and use the blogathon banner while you’re at it. That sound ok?

  3. Anna (Film Grimoire) · May 11, 2015

    Looking forward to reading everyone’s reviews! 😀

  4. le0pard13 · May 14, 2015

    Quite a list of film. Looking forward to next week! 🙂


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