Debuts Blogathon: David Lynch – Eraserhead (1977)

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For today’s entry in the Debuts Blogathon, we have a piece from Armando at Film Police, who has a wonderful way with words, as you’ll read below. Armando is looking at the utterly mind-melting Eraserhead by cult favourite David Lynch. Take it away…


Eraserhead (1977)

A DAVID LYNCH FILM is deliberately amorphous and mystically beautiful. His films work in generous amount of abstraction that allows open interpretations from the perceiver; which is only what art should be–atypical, expressive and subconsciously engaging.

His debut film, the hallucinogenic “Eraserhead,” a marvellously cinematic and startling look at human fraught and loneliness, has earned Lynch the recognition that he so deserves. It’s a disturbing picture, his “Eraserhead,” but it’s also a film that is very much powerful.

This, from a broad spectrum of, is a reason why I chose to cover it in Mark and Chris’ brilliant blogathon focused on directorial…

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