Decades Blogathon — 3 Women (1977)

Thomas J

Greetings everyone! Well we’ve made it once again to one of the greatest times of the year! This is Mark‘s and my third time hosting the Decades Blogathon and it’s exciting to say the least we are able to feature another diverse collection of bloggers and film titles to showcase for this event in which we take a look at films that have been released in a year ending in the number ‘7.’

Today we kick off the festivities with a review from Charlene, of Charlene’s (Mostly) Classic Movie Reviews. We’d like to welcome her to her first Decades Blogathon, and she’s picked out a film I personally have never heard of, further confirmation that the Decades Blogathon is really an invaluable part of my blogging calendar. Take it away Charlene! 

The value of individuality in many cultures is immeasurable. Some feel as if humans cannot actualize or achieve their full…

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