Debuts Blogathon Wrap Up

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Well there we go, it’s all done and dusted. This blogathon, which I co-hosted with Mark from Three Rows Back, has been a great experience. I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with some great bloggers, some familiar, some not-so familiar and I think it’s been a great success. There have been some fantastic posts, covering a wide range of directors and films, which is exactly what Mark and I were hoping for. There are some classics in there and also some directors I hadn’t even heard of, which has helped me broaden my knowledge that little bit more.


First of all I would like to say thanks to Mark for proposing the idea of doing the blogathon in the first place. I’d toyed with the idea of a blogathon for a while but didn’t really know what to do and how to go about organising it, but Mark…

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  1. ruth · September 17, 2013

    Thanks Mark for letting me take part. You and Chris certainly did a tremendous job! I’d love to participate again next time 😀


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