Debuts Blogathon: David Gordon Green – George Washington (2000)

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The thing that’s been so great about this Debuts Blogathon so far, as I’m sure Mark will attest, is that it’s been a great mix of well-known films and more obscure ones, and, to me, this films firmly in the latter category. This look at David Gordon Green’s George Washington comes from Alex at And So It Begins…, a really fantastic blog that covers a huge variety of film topics. Alex is one of the most knowledgeable bloggers I’ve seen, which really comes across in his piece below…


George Washington (2000)

If you’ve ever read a brief synopsis for David Gordon Green’s masterful debut film, George Washington, then you’re likely to expect a cheap thriller. The plot description on the film’s Wikipedia page, for example, makes George Washington sound like a mix between I Know What You Did Last Summer and Kick-Ass.

Problem is,

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