Decades Blogathon – Lady And The Tramp (1955)

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Here we go! Welcome to the first entry in the Decades Blogathon, being hosted by myself and the legendary Tom from Digital Shortbread. The blogathon focuses on movies that were released in the fifth year of the decade. Tom and I will run a different entry each day; and the first of my entries comes from Kim via the excellent Tranquil Dreams. Make sure to check out Kim’s site – it’s full of fun and informative reviews.

Lady’s always been a loved pet from when she was a little puppy for her masters, Jim Dear and Darling. When they are expecting a baby, everything starts to change.

They treat Lady differently and when the baby arrives and they go away for a few days, leaving her in the care of Aunt Sara, things get even worse. Aunt Sara brings her two Siamese cats who wreak havoc and put the blame on Lady, causing her to finally feel that she isn’t wanted anymore. That’s when she finds Tramp, a dog living on the streets who teaches her about the owner-free life.

Lady And The Tramp - "A family classic"

Lady And The Tramp – “A family classic”

While I was researching this, I learned that Lady And The Tramp was the pioneer in two things for Disney: one was that it was the studio’s first CinemaScope animated feature and second, it also was the first full-length film from an original story instead of a fable/classic.

Now that’s pretty awesome, right? I didn’t even know that when I was watching this again. Lady And The Tramp is one of my favorite Disney features. One, it’s because the main characters are all sorts of adorable dogs and really the life of them when they are brought into a family and what they go through with change.

A classic scene from Dsiney's Lady And The Tramp

A classic scene from Disney’s Lady And The Tramp

Lady And The Tramp is a great movie because of its colorful animation. The colours add to the scenes and atmosphere of the story each time. Along with that, the story itself is simple with a lot of pretty memorable songs. If you’ve seen Lady And The Tramp, and maybe if you haven’t, you still have seen the scene with the spaghetti and meatballs or heard the song Bella Notte.

That’s just the first example here. This time I watched, I realised how the background music really added to what was going on. It was fun and bubbly when Lady was a puppy and changed from there. Not to mention, the little love story between Lady And The Tramp was really cute and they are both really awesome characters, from Lady’s sweet and caring nature to Tramp’s sense of responsibility and braveness.

"We are Siamese if you please" - Lady And The Tramp

“We are Siamese if you please” – Lady And The Tramp

There’s a certain level of contrast here from the beautiful houses where Lady lives to the streets where Tramp lives and how it shows the change between the two; even a contrast between the temper of dogs and cats as pets and their sense of responsibility.

Lady gets a surprise in Lady And The Tramp

Lady gets a surprise in Lady And The Tramp

It’s also a difference between cat and dog lovers. All this stuff is easily relatable to both adults while the simpler story and cute doggies running around is fun. Although, I have to admit, heading to the dog pound was a little scary and that rat looked more evil than the Siamese.

There’s a lot to love about Lady And The Tramp. It’s not only a few Disney firsts for me, but rather a massive love for the characters in Lady And The Tramp. The rich colors here add to the simple story along with some nice background music and memorable songs – all this makes Lady And The Tramp a family classic.